Tuesday, 16 October 2007

gallbladder surgery

Well, after 2 years of feeling sick after eating certain foods, I finally got the problem taken care of. This last Friday I had my gallbladder removed. Back last November I finally went to the doctor to complain about months of indigestion I'd been having. I was referred to a radiologist to have an ultrasound done and wasn't able to have that done until March. The ultrasound showed that I did indeed have a gallstone so I was referred to a surgeon. I had a consultation with one surgeon that referred me to another doctor and come August, I still hadn't had the surgery so I went back to my doctor of the base. He agreed that I had waited long enough and suggested we try again, but this time go to the military hospital at RAF Lakenheath (7 hours away).

On September 5th I had a consultation with a doctor there and soon after we scheduled the surgery. It was so nice to have the friends we've made through the church here because we didn't really have to worry about who would watch our kids while we were gone. We knew they would be better off staying here and sleeping in their own beds and Natalie could go to school as usual. So I really have to thank Sister Wigley, the Ferrar family and Jess & Phil for making this easy for our kids.

We got back yesterday and I am still recovering, but I don't feel the need to be drugged up on percocet anymore, but I am finding it difficult to get back to my normal routine. I am still really low on energy and I am uncomfortable. But we are managing. Thank you as well to the Relief Society sisters that have taken care of some of our meals. It's nice to not have that to worry about.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Welcome to our house

Several people have asked me to share pictures of our new house so here they are. We moved in at the end of June and we absolutely love the house. It's huge, 5 bedrooms, 2 bath. Very large for UK standards. The house was built in the 1790s and was a telephone exchange during WWII and the Post Office is currently part of the house. We are right in the middle of all of the excitement because we are in the heart of the town. So welcome to our home and enjoy the tour.

The entry hall

The living room

Another view of the living room. I LOVE the fireplace!

The dining room

The kitchen, it's a bit small, but the dining room makes it feel bigger.

The master bedroom

The master bathroom

Natalie's room

Robbie's room

The playroom, the fireplace is an original, but there is no hearth so we can't use it but it looks pretty!

Believe it or not, there is still more. We have a full attic and sunroom along with the kids bathroom. I also have a room for all of my scrapbooking and stamping supplies! On the downside, we have no grass in the yard. Thank goodness there is a soccer field and play park right across the street! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Natalie's first day of school!

I can't believe my baby is going to school. Today was Natalie's first day of Reception. Reception is like American Kindergarten, but they start at the age of 4 instead of 5. She was so excited to go and make new friends. She also looked adorable in her uniform! When I picked her up at lunch time I asked her if her teacher was nice and she said, "She's a little bit nice, but she doesn't like it when I scream." Apparently Natalie got a bit carried away when they were pretend playing and the kids with the monster masks were chasing her! She's growing up so fast! Robbie was so lost without his big sister around to tell him what to do. All morning he walked around the house looking for Natalie and calling out for her!

Jumping on the wagon

I must be the very last person on the face of the earth that hasn't started a blog so I thought I would give it a try. We used to have a website and paid a lot of money for it, when the expense just didn't make sense anymore, I gave it up and went to myspace. I think I like the format here better, because it is pretty much what I did with my website before and I like the look.

So here is to happy blogging!