Sunday, 24 February 2008

Single Mom

I'll be a single mom for the next few weeks. Shawn was dragged kicking and screaming to Florida for a class he needs to take for work. So far my friends are keeping me so busy that I haven't had time to really miss him. I am really nervous because I've never been on my own for this long before. It's kind of funny since I have been a military spouse now for almost 7 years and we've never really been apart and the few occassions that I have been away from him, I went to the US to be with my family so this really is my first dose of being a single parent. I have such a greater respect for the people that have no other choice! We wanted to go with him, but Natalie has school and it would be so expensive to pay for tickets for 2 kids. I'm so jealous, I am so ready to see sunshine and warm temps! I hope Shawn gets sunburned!


Shamae said...

Good luck!!! I hope that him being gone isn't too hard on you!!

Marjorie said...

Shame on you Karen. I know you really dont want a sunburned Shawn.
I wish I could visit him in Florida. Your a tough woman I know your up to the task of single parenting. You are still allowed to miss him though. Love you, talk to you soon.