Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hair Cuts

I finally talked Natalie into getting her hair cut. It was in really bad shape and I have been begging her to cut it. It was getting really impossible to comb through it anymore and I was sick of french braiding it everyday because head lice keep going around her class (thankfully she hasn't had them). So I talked her into a cute cut.

Of course I had to include a picture of Robbie's buzzed head.


gym said...

You have been tagged. Go here to read how I answered the tag. I picked your blog at random in the hope I could expand the circle of bloggers I read and comment on. I really did not spend much time reading your blob, but I will over the next few days. Have fun!


gym said... that is

Amanda Panda said...

She is so cute! I would love to cut Bethany's hair like that but I am worried it wouldn't work with her hair since it is thin but curly. I love the back of Natalie's hair too where you can see a little layering on the bottom. I bet that is so much easier to care for!

Marjorie said...

Thank you so much for the pictures. I do have beautiful grandchildren. (thanks for that as well).
I love you all very much.
Grandma Moe

J.R. and Michelle said...

Cute Cute Cute haircut!!!