Sunday, 23 November 2008

24 week belly pic

Well, I am now 24 weeks along (well technically 24 weeks and 2 days as I post this). It's so nice to be more than half way and baby Penelope is getting more active and wiggly everyday. I saw an obstetrician last week. Normally pregnancy care here is only followed by a midwife and you only see an OB if you've had a previous concern or you are high risk. With Natalie I had a bad tear and Group B-strep. Also, both pregnancies, I had trouble with my epidurals. The one with Robbie didn't work AT ALL! So I was referred to the OB. The appointment went well and she told me that I can continue care with my midwife and I am low risk, however because of the Group B-strep, I need to deliver at the hospital and not the birthing center.

Anyway, onto the picture taken by my personal photographer, Natalie.

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