Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oops, forgot about this

I have been a very bad blogger indeed! It has been 6 months since I have posted anything on here but I thought for the 3 of you that look here from time to time who aren't on facebook (which is were I spend more time than I should), I should post some more current pictures. We haven't been up to much, just keeping up with the daily life of 3 energetic little children and the comings and goings of everything. The kids are getting big, Natalie will turn 7 this summer and Robbie is getting ready to enter Kindergarten at the end of summer break. Then it will just be me and Clayton, that will be weird! Here are some pictures from the first part of 2010.

Snow in February

Happy Birthday Clayton, March 17.

Natalie's vegetable stand, she sold 3 radishes from our garden for $1.

Our attempt at taking cool pics of the kids, not very successful.

Trying to get a pic of his first teeth, but I am just getting smiles, so not a total loss.

Our chickens, 2 weeks old, Easter.

Today at about 3 months old, yummy! We have 7 hens and a rooster. We are hoping that they start laying soon.

Our new puppy Maisy, we got her on June 1st.

They lurve eachother.

Clay and his crazy beach hair, he is apparently terrified of sand and waves and sandy water so I put him in the beach chair and he didn't move at all, very uncharacteristic of him :)

Robbie, he was afraid at first but once he relaxed he had a blast!

Natalie is fearless! She is such a little fish and would still be swimming if we let her.


Abi Bundy said...

they all look so big! and your house looks really pretty! miss you guys! xx

Monica said...
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matto said...

your house is looking very good and I am so grateful for your blog. Great.