Sunday, 10 August 2008

Disneyland Paris

On Friday August 1st (my 31st Birthday) we went to Disneyland Paris Resort. Is it mean that we decided to go without the kids? Natalie was really mad when she found out! I guess we'll just have to find a way to make it up to her someday.

The entrance to Disney Land
At last, not a self portrait! (I'm already starting to show at 8 weeks in spite of losing 6 pounds)
Me in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, when I went to Disney World in Orlando when I was 19, I was so disappointed that the castle was decorated like a Birthday Cake celebrating it's 25th anniversary! I was so pleased the French had enough taste to not do that to celebrate their 15th anniversary!
The Disney train, Robbie would have loved this, unfortunately, there wasn't much of a view of the park on the way.

Our lunch, he he. You have to admit, Disneyland has style!

I met Cinderella! I am disappointed though that I said I was too old to have my picture taken with her!

We got over thinking we were too old, lol, Shawn and I with Cinderella's mice friends.
Snow White and her Prince
With Sleeping Beauty and Prince

My dinner on pretty Disney china. For our dinner, we picked the restaurant we did specifically because the Princesses came to your table during dinner. It was expensive though, it was 55 euros per person so 110 euros total, in dollars that coverts to about $175. I could have fed my whole family for 2 weeks on that kind of money! But it was a vacation and the food was great!
The kids with their presents after we got home.

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aubs33 said...

Oh you are so lucky. What fun fun pictures. I am so jealous of the Disneyland thing! You have such an exciting life. And btw you look adorable.