Friday, 29 August 2008

12 weeks

We had our 12 week ultrasound yesterday and all was well. This little baby is going to be a quiet one I think. This pregnancy has been so different... I haven't been as sick, I mean, I feel horrible but I haven't thrown up at all so far and "knock on wood" I am feeling better and think it's behind me. Also, at 12 weeks with the other two, I was already wearing maternity clothes, and I am still able to wear my regular clothes, granted, they're my "fat" clothes, but regular clothes none the less. I did try on my maternity clothes the other day and because I weighed about 50 pounds more when I got pregnant with Natalie and about 35 pounds more with Robbie, they are not going to work. So I am hoping that I can wear my "fat" clothes for a while longer until our bank account can accommodate a new maternity wardrobe. I still have about 5 inches left in my size 18 jeans. Also, it really hasn't hit me that we really are pregnant. In the other two 12 week ultrasounds, both Robbie and Natalie were so wiggly. This one however was really mellow and taking a nap. I hope that is a predictor that he/she will be a really good child!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures (Natalie took the one of me! She did such a good job too.)


J.R. and Michelle said...

Hopefully that mellow baby in the womb will stay that way when he/she comes out into the world! You look great!

Erin said...

WOW! Good job losing weight! My maternity clothes are too big around this time too. It's a bummer, but it's a good bummer, at least we aren't as fat as we used to be, lol. Hopefully it will hit you soon, so your pregnancy can start feeling real. I'm sure once you can feel it move and get another ultrasound when it's older you'll feel a little more into it!