Friday, 5 September 2008

Natalie's first day of Year 1

Yesterday was Natalie's first day of Year 1. Here in England, children start "big" school at the age of 4 in what is called Reception, which has a very similar curriculum as American Kindergarten. At 5 they enter year 1 which would be like 1st grade in the U.S. with the exception that many of the activities are child centered and the children can choose activities at their own pace, very much like the Montessori Method (which is what I think I want for our kids when we go back home if we can afford it). Natalie was so excited for her first day when she could see all of her friends again and she got to know her teacher a little bit last year and already likes her a lot.

Robbie really liked Natalie's class as well and threw the BIGGEST tantrum that his little 2 year old self has ever thrown when it was time to leave. It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life so far. I had to pull him kicking and screaming from the classroom with him kicking me and in the process lost one of his shoes, which I didn't realize until after we finally got him dragged out. Thankfully one of the other parents went back in to get it for me because after all of that, I was NOT going to go back in there! There was just no reasoning with him and bribing didn't work either. I ended up half carrying him and half dragging him half the way home until he calmed down to walk respectably the rest of the way. When we got home, I realized his arms got bruised from his resistance, but I wasn't about to allow him to run into the street to get away from me and be hit by a car.

Anyway, not on to the pictures, which is all you really care about anyway...

Natalie in her uniform
Again in her uniform along with the school sweatshirt
With her teacher Mrs. T


Marjorie said...

OH MY GOODNESS How grown up Natalie is. I hate missing all this first hand. Thank you so much for the pictures. It helps...a little.

Shamae said...

What a cute picture of her in her uniform!! That is great!! Sorry about Robbie's fit...we've all been there and can totally empathize!