Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday Pictures

Clay at just over 3 months old

Robbie absolutely HAS to wear a tie on Sunday. We asked him if he wanted to take it off when we got home from church and he said, "I can't it's still Sunday!" Do you think it will be that easy to get him in a tie when he's 12? It's a shame he's at an age where he won't cooperate for pictures and always has to pull a face.
Natalie is in high spirits in spite of her trip to the ER last night. She was goofing off in the bath and fell on the spiky holder for the shower sprayer and got a 1 in. deep puncture wound in her thigh. No stitches which I thought were inevitable, but steri-strips instead and I was quite surprised at how little it actually bled.


Shamae said...

I think Clay looks JUST like Robbie!! So cute!! Sorry to hear about Natalie's fall! Ouch!!

Mary K said...

I'm glad that even though you have way to much work that you found time to post pictures. Thanks!

moegmom said...

Thanks for the pics! I'm glad Natalie's doing well. Love you all a bunch!

J.R. and Michelle said...

Clay is so cute, and that's adorable about Robbie wanting to leave his tie on all day. Ouch Ouch Ouch about Natalie's injury. That sounds like it will be so sore. Hopefully it heals up without getting infected.