Thursday, 24 July 2008

Natalie's Graduation

On Monday, Natalie's class had a little graduation ceremony to celebrate them leaving the reception year and going to class one. All the children got a little certificate. Then out of all the reception children (about 40 students), 5 children got a Certificate of Merit. I was so pleased when Natalie was called as one of them! The head teacher gave her a certificate and talked about how she is always smiling. She has been really popular at school and has a lot of friends and she loves it so much. After the ceremony, we had a conference with her teacher and she had a lot of really nice things to say and is really impressed with how far she has come this year. We are so proud of her!

Natalie and her class getting their "diplomas"

Mr. Phillips (the head teacher) giving Natalie her Certificate of MeritNatalie with her certificates


LsuFan said...

Oh how wonderful!! I'm not shocked at how great she did in her 1st year having you as a mom!!

Marjorie said...

Grandma & PopPop are so very proud of you Natalie.
Keep up the good work.