Sunday, 4 January 2009

30 Weeks!

Never before in my two previous pregnancies have I felt like I had the beach ball syndrome. When I got pregnant with Natalie I weighed 220 pounds and I weighed 190 when I went to deliver, and at the end of the pregnancy, I just felt like I looked fat. Then when I got pregnant with Robbie, I was back up to 206 and again weighed 190 when I went to deliver and felt the same way, just fat.

This time around I started out the pregnancy at about 185 and right now I weigh about 160ish, I've taken most of the weight off in the first trimester and I only put on 2 pounds from my 16 week and 28 week midwife appointments. If I look in the mirror front on, I am feeling pretty good about myself and you can barely tell I'm pregnant and from the side, you can definitely tell it's all baby. I can actually see my collarbones again and I haven't been able to see those in about 7 years and my legs aren't rubbing together when I walk anymore! I just hope and pray that I am able to keep the weight from coming back on after little Penelope comes. I'll just have to keep up the increased activity! Natalie's school is 1/2 mile away and we walk so I've been walking 2 miles a day and starting Tuesday I'll have to make the trip 3 times a day as Robbie starts afternoon preschool. I wonder if this will help at all during labor? We shall see in about 10 weeks!


Kristy K said...

You look beautiful Karen! Pregnancy agrees with you!

stampin abi said...

ok haven't seen you for 2 weeks lol but i see what you mean about you've popped when did that bumpappear??? I know it's a cushion ;)....... not long left now!! wooo hooo

Aubri Lynne said...

Hey Karen, that's amazing you have stayed at such a low weight. I think you look beautiful!!
Good job with all you've done and good LUCK with the baby!!