Friday, 16 January 2009

I found the coolest diapers

It almost makes me more excited for baby Penelope to get here so I can try them out! I've been contemplating for a while changing over to cloth this time around and while I was doing my research on which kinds to use, I came across a friend of a friend's blog and found these...

These are called gdiapers and they are a hybrid between cloth and disposables. I know how I am and I NEED something that is going to be convenient but I hate that we've thrown so many diapers in the garbage over the last 5 years (probably close to 12,000)! Americans put over 20 billion disposable diapers in the landfill every year and it takes 500 years for those diapers to decompose. Gdiapers are great because the dirty liners can be flushed or composted (well the wet ones can be composted), and if you do have to throw them away, they only take 50-150 days to decompose as opposed to 500 years. This saves on washing which uses up a lot of water and energy with traditional cloth diapers.

What sold me though is that in this friend of a friend's blog, the poster mentioned that her sweet son has had severe diaper rashes for almost the whole 1st year of his life and the last one contributed to a 2 day quarantined hospital stay for MRSA. Since switching to the gdiapers, they had only had one major diaper rash.

I am seriously wishing I had heard of these before and could have been using them sooner. I may even get Robbie a set to wear at night until he is dry completely through the night.

Anyway, here is a link to the website... Go see for yourself how cool they are, and they are cute too!

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Kristy K said...

I love those! I wish I found something like those a long time ago. Too bad Anthony may be out of diapers soon (well, it's not really too bad since we should be diaper-free soon!).

Good find!