Friday, 31 October 2008

My little Daleks

So I don't think I need to remind anyone of my kid's obsession with Dr. Who. It's what we finally were able to bribe Robbie with to get him to potty train; if he stays dry, he can watch Dr. Who. He also goes to sleep nearly every night with his (that Natalie got for her birthday but has yet to get a chance to play with) toy Dalek. So he decided he wanted to be a Dalek for Halloween. I went all over the place trying to find a store bought costume (I'd seen them previously) and after 5 stores I gave up and decided to make my own. The first picture is Robbie in the costume and the next is Natalie in the costume (she will actually be Dora the Explorer for Halloween). The last picture is what a Dalek really looks like. So how did I do? For the head, it's a knit hat with plastic cups sewn on and a blue dot for the "eye", the body is just fabric with fusable interfacing, drawn on with a sharpie and black felt spots. I had to use stuff I already had on hand so I improvised. I kinda made up that pattern as I went along and when I went to try it on Robbie for the first time, I realized I forgot to add an opening in the back so he could actually get it over his head so I had to cut down the back. A "duh" moment for sure!

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