Monday, 30 March 2009

Clay's bath

Ok, so this isn't Clay's first bath, he had that the day we came home from the hospital because here they don't clean the babies off before they give them to you, so I got handed a yucky and bloody and gross baby in the hospital and had to dress him that way, ick! Anyway, during his first bath, I decided he needed to go in the baby tub because he was 24 hours old and still hadn't had his first pee so my instincts told me to put him in the bath to see if that would help. As soon as I was finished and wrapped him in the towel and he calmed down, he peed all over the towel and SOAKED it. I was home by myself with him and Robbie so I wasn't able to document the occassion. Don't pay too much attention to me in the pictures, I had just woken up and my hair is a mess and I'm still in my jammies, but alas, they are the only pictures that I have thus far with the two of us together.

Here he is at 8 days old getting a sponge bath. As you can see, he does NOT like this...
Trying out the fancy gDiapers for the first time. This didn't last long as his little legs are too skinny and when he pooped, it nearly came out of the legs.
All dressed and warm.
Ahhh, a happy and warm baby.
Soaking in some sun so he can look a little less pumpkin like.


Mary K said...

Karen you are radiant! Clay is a beautiful baby, just like Natalie and Robbie. It is so hard to wait to hold them all. Take care, Love you! Aunt Mary

moegmom said...

Karen, You look thintastic. You have given us three beautiful grandchildren indeed. Thank you.

Kristy K said...

You just had a baby??? You don't look like it at all!

I love little babies all snuggled up in their warm jammies. :)


Jane Ann said...

YOU look amazing!!!! and Clay is so adorable!

Congrats on your little family!

Melyssa said...

Karen, you look GREAT! When I adopted Gaby, I got her all icky too. The bm believed that the birth stuff was good for the baby's skin. Not sure if that was true, but she stunk to high heaven! You look so happy and your baby is so beautiful. Congratulations! Come visit us again in DC some time!

tulipdjc said...

Karen you look fantastic!! If I didn't like you so much I would be forced to come over there and beat you up! Or maybe just help out where I could since I was there! lol!

periwinkle4 said...

Karen, you really look so great and what a cute baby boy!