Tuesday, 17 March 2009

I got it all done!

I did finish my to do list yesterday and feel quite proud of myself too. It seems that my plan is working, however much more slowly than I'd like...

I started having contractions last night just after I brought the kids home from school and they started out to be about 20 minutes apart. I managed to get some sleep for about 3 hours and the contractions woke me up at about midnight. They increased to about 12 minutes and I called the midwife that told me I needed to wait until they were more frequent so I am continuing to wait. They are getting more painful but haven't gotten "regular" in frequency so we are just waiting. I've not gotten much sleep because as I would start to fall back asleep, another one would start. It's been about 14 hours now and I can definitely tell things are happening.

I'll wait for the kids to wake up and call the midwife again and let her know the contractions haven't stopped and they are getting more painful, but not more frequent. Shawn seems to think he should go to work and leave me to get the kids to school and all this on my own.


moegmom said...

Happy St. Patricks Day. Do you have something green for Penelope.
Looks like she might need it to keep from being pinched.
I hope Shawn changed his thinking about going to work this morning.
Not so patiently waiting, but trying my best.

=0)jessica said...

i wanted Abigail to wait another week & be born on march 17th she wouldn't have been so early then either...but she insisted on the 10th!

sounds like she's on her way! congratulations!!

hugs & luck for a good labor!
=0)jessica & greg

Mary K said...

I read this after the baby came. Congratulations. I'm very happy for you. I can't wait for the pictures. Love you! Aunt Mary