Wednesday, 4 March 2009

No baby yet

Still no baby and not really feeling anything worth writing about. But this may be a blessing in disguise.

Robbie has been home from school with a tummy bug. Today he's feeling MUCH better but school requires 48 hour sick free before they can return so we are having a "stay home and play day".

Natalie had complained of a tummy ache the weekend before last and went 2 days without eating, but nothing really came of it. Today she said her tummy hurt again, but then I gave her toast for breakfast and she inhaled it and asked for more so she went to school. I figure if she really is sick, the school will call and let me know.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and it looks like I may have a UTI, yuck! I've been feeling weird for a couple of days but just thought it was stress from a sick kid (those who know me well, know that I don't do well with anything to do with vomit!), being 38+ weeks pregnant, and just plain old tiredness.

So I guess I'm glad that we can get all these sicky bugs out of the house before we bring a new baby home.

Oh, and because I am way too organized, I will probably go overdue. The hospital bags are in the car along with the baby seat and the kid's bag and sleeping bags are packed and ready to go, so of course all the early preparation will be in vain and I will either go overdue, or will likely be home while Shawn is at work with the car and will have to get to the hospital some other way and won't have my stuff anyway.

I've been through this twice before and this time is weirdly surreal to me for some reason. I have everything ready but it still hasn't really hit me that in just a short time, we will be bringing a new and tiny newborn home to join our family.


Shamae said...

Well I hope Robbie and Natalie both are done with the sickness and baby Penelope can come! Sounds like you are ready! Hope the UTI clears up quickly!

moegmom said...

Your mommy's so proud of you Karen.
You are dealing with the upchuckies very well. I'm very excited but trying to be very patient waiting for the Happy Birthday call.
Love you bunches!

Mary K said...

Hi Karen, Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. Hope that everyone is feeling better. I'm looking forward to the Flat Stanley pictures. Love you, Aunt Mary

The other me said...

How did we lose touch? ( could be that I keep moving and laptops keep breaking and losing all my contacts!) so glad you left a message on my blog!
How exciting that you are having another baby...any day now by the looks of things, I shall save your blog and keep reading! We would love to come and visit before you leave, when do you move and where to?
Email me at and we will work something out, good luck with the birth, love Helen.