Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter. I hope all have had a very uplifting day remembering Christ and his atoning sacrifice.

I thought I'd share some pictures of our Easter. We don't do traditional Easter baskets as we don't like to have a lot of sweets around the house. Also, it is so difficult to get my kids to eat healthy in the first place, the last thing we need is for them to be filled with unhealthy food and not want to eat the good stuff. So each kid only got one sweet, a chocolate egg. These eggs came in a gift set that included a ceramic plate and mug, a plastic knife and a "toast stamp". You press the "stamp" into the bread and then toast it and you can see the design in the toast. Natalie got a Little Miss set, Robbie got a Thomas the Tank set and Clay got a Whinnie the Pooh set (even though he can't eat that yet, we asked the Easter Bunny to bring him one so each will have their special set). The big kids also got a paddle ball and an Easter character with Play Dough inside (thanks to my friend Rhonda from Canada!), 2 hard boiled eggs (which Robbie didn't like and Natalie tried to eat with the shells still on, lol), 2 story books and a DVD. Clay got 2 books and a stuffed chick.
Natalie's place
Robbie's place
Clay's spot, lol
The books and DVDs and Clay's chick
Natalie and her stuff
Robbie and his stuff
Here are the kids all dressed up for church.
Natalie in her new dress that Auntie Janie sent to her
Robbie looking smart in his tie (he just loves wearing a tie and won't go to church without one now)
Clay looking so grown up, he is changing so much everyday!


Mary K said...

Happy Easter! It is great to see your beautiful children. They look so happy. Thanks for remembering those of us who live so far away. Love you. Auntie Mary

periwinkle4 said...

That is so smart! And cute and sweet. Your kids are just dolls! Happy Easter!

moegmom said...

HAPPY EASTER! We must say we have the most beautiful grandchildren in the whole world.
Miss you all so much.
Granma & PopPop

Becky said...

Cute pics!! I love their Easter clothes. I am very interested in the toast stamp...