Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My little spiderman

Robbie has been obsessed with dressing up lately. All last week while we were off of school, he had to dress up. Spiderman was his costume of choice and spent most of his time in this one, but we also saw him as Dr. Who, a Dalek and a pirate.

Also, I don't know if he has OCD (he's doomed because my dad has OCD characteristics and so do I so it's in his blood) or if it's just typical 3 year old behavior, but he would get really bent out of shape if the middle of the "web" on the mask didn't hit him right in the middle of his nose. The face he's making looks like a smile, but he is really gritting his teeth because he's frustrated.


moegmom said...

Just one word "Jane"

Mary K said...

Jane definitely fits. Remember the underoos?