Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Photo Shoot

I need help deciding. I am getting ready to make Clay's birth announcements and I am having a hard time choosing the picture. I took over 30 pictures and here are my 6 favorites. Which one do you like most?


moegmom said...

What a hard decision -- I like #2 #3 & #4 (4 being my favorate) I don't know if the one in overalls is being considered but I like it also.
Good luck on choosing.
We love you bunches.
Granma & PopPop

Jane Ann said...

I like #4 only because you can see his face most clearly... the others are all cute though!

Karen Warren said...


I liked the first two but the one in overalls is cute, too. He has certainly changed.

Can't wait to see the announcement.

Aunt Karen

Kristy K said...

#2 has my vote, but they're all cute!

Mary K said...

Of the ones here I pick #2, but your Mom is right. It is a hard decision.

stampin abi said...

i vote for number 2 cos he's smiling and it's really cute!! just like him.

Bush Family said...

He's so cute!! I like 2 and 6 but you could always just make a few of each and send them all! :) Hugs and Prayers from the Bush's