Monday, 2 February 2009

Cornish Snow

Ok, so some of you who live in the US and Canada that get snow on a regular basis are probably going to laugh at this, but it's really significant to us.

Shawn and I were both born and bred in the Midwest, Shawn in Illinois and I in Ohio. We met and were married in Virginia. We grew up with snow and the winter after we were married, Virginia had a few really good snowfalls. Then we were transferred to Naples Italy in 2002. Well, didn't see snow at all while we were there except for when we came home to visit just after Natalie was born in November 2003. Then we came over here to the UK. Well some parts of the UK get snow regularly, but Cornwall very rarely gets a significant snowfall. We've had snow 2 previous times since we moved here in 2006, but it melted just as quickly as it fell so this is a real big deal for us. Natalie has no memory of the last snow she saw and Robbie has NEVER seen snow up close and personal so they were so excited! What is funny is that Shawn and I were out shopping today when the snow started and we were confused by it. Then we started our drive home after getting a bite to eat and fueling up the car. Seriously, if we had left to start home just 5 minutes later, we would have been in some serious trouble. We pull up to the school to pick the kids up on the way home and the roads are still really clear but there is a dusting of snow on the sidewalks and grass. We walk to Robbie's class to pick him up and it's still just flurries, then we walk to Natalie's class to pick her up and all of a sudden it's looking like a blizzard. I've not seen snow like this in forever! By the time we get back to the car not even 5 minutes later, the road is covered and there is an inch on the car. The 1/2 mile drive to the house was very interesting. The Cornish don't have a clue what to do in this kind of snow! What is usually a 2 minute drive turned into almost 15. Once we were safely at home, we let the kids play! Robbie was obsessed with making and throwing snowballs. It was so nice to share this with them and it was even better that Shawn was home too so we could play. The snow now has been scattered but there is about 2-3 inches right now and our little town is at a stand still (child's play I tell you, but when you only get 1 snowfall like this about every 3 years you don't get used to it like us Midwesterners!). Our usually busy street is really quiet and abandoned. Now we are snuggling down for the evening and we are about to have some yummy hot chocolate!

View from the front of our house about 4:00 PM.

Natalie catching snowflakes on her tounge.Robbie coming at me with a snowball.
Shawn enjoying the snow (sorry no pics of me, I was the one taking all the pictures!)


Marjorie said...

These pictures are great!
Sorry you missed our snow, freezing rain, sleet then snow again last week. We had a level 3 emergency status on Wed. and got a snow day from work. We didn't find it as much fun. but am glad the kids got to have a fun snowy day.

stampin abi said...

we've built a 4ft snowman on our drive!!!! brilliant fun i hear snow in your area is slightly deeper than it is here now.

Melyssa said...


It's been a long time! How are you? I remember when I lived in Cornwall we had the first snow they had had in 14 years! So, I know what a big deal that is!

Oh how I miss Cornwall! What town are you all in? We lived in Portscatho/Gerrans.

periwinkle4 said...

How fun! I remember how funny it was to me when they closed schools in eastern WA for a few inches of snow. Great pictures!

Kristy K said...

Okay, please don't say you miss Ohio snow! It's definitely not as beautiful as the snow you're having :).