Sunday, 1 February 2009

34 Weeks

Whew, the final stretch! It seems like this pregnancy has flown by. I remember thinking during the last 2 times I did this that the time seemed to pass so slowly. I have been keeping myself a lot busier this time and I have to walk 3 miles a day to take kids to school so our daily routine has been helping pass the time. I am starting to get anxious now thinking of all that needs organized, but in actuality, I am way ahead of the game.

Provided that the ultrasound we had is correct and this is in fact a girl, I have all the clothes washed and put neatly in drawers. I've ordered the gdiapers and have a few weeks of those (still need to get some backup disposables in case this little nudger is small) and they are organized and in the changing table. I've made lists of what needs packed for the hospital for me and the baby and we are going to pack a bag for the kids as well. We have the car seat and stroller all ready and accessible. We have the swing, pack and play and bassinet all set up. Next Sunday my friends are throwing me a baby shower. I have my birthplan all typed out and with my stuff. I still have loads of time!

Anyway, here is my latest picture...


Kristy K said...

You look gorgeous!!!! And all belly! I can't wait to see little Penelope.

Marjorie said...

Wow I can't believe how much Penelope has popped out in just 4 short weeks. I'm really getting excited.