Tuesday, 3 February 2009

More fun in the Snow

Well, the snow continued to fall overnight and we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. The kids had their first snow day and Shawn was given the morning off (if he wasn't to be on duty, he would have been given the whole day). So after breakfast, we took the kids out to enjoy the snow.

This is looking at the outside of where we enter our house.
This is the view from the play park that is just behind our house.
This is the front of our house. We share our house with the Post Office which our landlord owns and runs. We have the whole upstairs (5 bedrooms) and half of the downstairs. The house would be absolutely humongous if the Post Office didn't take up so much. As you can see, at 9:00 am the road is still completely covered. Cornwall only gets a snow like this maybe once every 3 years so they don't have the equiptment to clear the roads.
Here is the town church and cemetary.
Natalie making a snow angel.
Robbie's snow angel.
Mmmm, snow tastes good!
Shawn building a snowman!
Finished product.
Sadly, all of the snow is gone from the roads and it's warming up and melting. However, they are calling for cold temperatures this evening and overnight so tomorrow is likely to be a nightmare with ice on the roads. Thankfully, there is nowhere we need to go that we can't walk to.

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