Friday, 27 February 2009

Hair and Painted Faces

Ok, so this blog post is going to be kinda random, but oh well.

Before Valentine's Day, I was reading my friend's blogs and on my friend Becki's she had posted some really cute hairstyles she found on another blog and had tried on her kids. I thought it would be fun to try one of them out on Natalie and here is her Valentine's doo. Can you see the hearts? She got so many compliments on her hair and now she wants her hair pulled back every day, which is fine by me.

Then the week following Valentine's Day, the kids had a holiday from school. They were watching a TV program and the kids on there had their faces painted and Robbie asked if I could paint his face. I remembered that I had some face paints upstairs that I had never used so thought I would give it a try. Didn't turn out that great because the paints are absolutely rubbish and not worth the money I paid for them but I was talking to my sister Jane on the phone while I was doing it and promised I would post the pictures. The kids thought it was great and it was a struggle to let me wash it off before bedtime.
Here is Robbie as a lion. (wow, he looks so much like my sister Janie when she was little in this picture)
Natalie as a butterfly (wasn't exactly sure what a butterfly was supposed to look like in face paint but Natalie tells me this is exactly what she wanted)
Now onto Robbie's haircut. As you can see in the face paint picture, Robbie was starting to look like an orphan. The last haircut he had was back in November (at the beginning) and that was just a clean up around the ears and in the back for our family Christmas Card photo. It was now completely covering his ears and was starting to curl on the ends. His bangs were starting to look a bit wispy as well. So I had my friend Abi look at my "broken" clippers (I say broken because I took them apart to clean the hair out, per the instructions, but because I have no clue what I am doing in such things, I put them back together incorrectly) and I checked to see if they would cut by testing it on my arm, however when I went to buzz Robbie's head, it just started pulling the hair out by the roots and not actually cutting it. Because of that and making a complete mess of the front of his hair (poor Robbie was such a good sport about it!), we threw on a hat and after we dropped Natalie off at school, we drove to the base and had Phil the Barber fix my mess. Robbie did such a good job and sat there really still while Phil scissor cut his hair (I've been opting for clippers just because it was quicker). I think he looks so grown up now! Robbie is really showing his personality in these pictures too.

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Becki said...

Natalie's hair turned out great! Good job Karen!! And Robbie looks sooo handsome! I have always loved his big eyes. What a great mom you are for painting their faces!!